ECO is Energy Consumption.

ECO MANAGEMENT - a solution based on using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in energy consumption optimization.

We implement our turnkey solution behind the meter and provide:

· Electricity cost reduction by 15-30%

· Substantial reduction of CO2 emission

· Online monitoring

ECO MANAGEMENT is a comprehensive energy saving solution for lighting, climate and electrical equipment control systems.

Hundreds of internal and outside climate factors, illuminance and operations processes help us efficiently manage equipment. Thousands of imperceptible control actions enable savings up to 30 % energy costs.

We have specialised solutions for gyms and sporting facilities, restaurants and cafes, shops and shopping centres, and warehouses and industrial premises.

Our systems allows you not only to save energy, but also to instantly calculate the reduction in your carbon footprint. This information is key for companies planning their activities and reporting that care about their social responsibility and the environment.