How to prevent energy overuse at home

1. Move your fridge away from your cooker. When your fridge is close to something, then it will have to use more energy to maintain the required temperature. By the way, the same thing happens with your window, especially in summer.

2. If you want a cup of tea or coffee, then only boil as much water as you need right now. The more water in your kettle, the more energy it needs to heat it up.

3. If your clothes aren't so dirty that only dry cleaning will help, then use a low-temperature setting on your washing machine and don't use prewash.

4. Keep lights clean. Dust can reduce light efficiency by 10-30 %, meaning that the lights can come on early.

5. Try switching to a multi-tariff energy meter. If you do this, then washing machines and dishwashers will be much easier on the wallet.

6. Install automatic lighting controls using sensors, such as timers and lighting and presence sensors. These systems are capable of turning lights on and off, and can even change their intensity depending on the scenario set using sensors that react to light, sound and movement.

7. Don't let your equipment “fall asleep”. Use the on/off switches on the devices themselves, or turn them off at the wall. Disconnecting unused devices will allow you to save up to 300 kWh per year (up to 5,000 rubles).

8. Use voltage stabilisers. They'll help you significantly reduce electricity expenses.