Energy trends in 2022

1. Reduction in the price of hydrogen

Hydrogen obtained through electrolysis of water using renewable energy sources is used in hydrogen fuel cells and is the most expensive. The cost of this kind of hydrogen can cost up to five times more than hydrogen obtained in other ways. However, in the near future, its price will still be reduced.

2. Training specialists in various fields

Russia needs new minds and talents, therefore many companies and institutions are starting to actively develop areas of study in energy and ecology.

3. Moving from theory to practice

It's time to move away from theoretical investigation and start acting. Many Russian initiatives are finally being put into action, for example, hydrogen buses that will be released onto Moscow roads in 2023.

4. Creation of infrastructure for electrical and hydrogen transport

Based on other countries' experience, standards will be made for alternative modes of transport, which will then be applied in Russia.

5. Improving lithium-ion batteries

In particular, the number of battery cycles will be improved, allowing them not to lose capacity when it's cold. Other types of batteries will be developed too, for example, concrete and paper batteries.