How we help gyms save electricity

Experience from our projects has shown that many devices operate in contradictory ways. They blast heat when it's already warm and blow cold air when the temperatures are already in the minuses. Some don't change the climate control system setups at all, depending on the activities being carried out inside the area. For example, at a gym, a yoga class is different from a group aerobics class in terms of heat released by athletes and comfortable training temperatures. We always implement group training timetables in the climate and lighting control systems in group training classes. Moreover, we control lighting, which is especially important in spaces close to windows. We also control humidity levels in changing rooms to control supply and exhaust ventilation, as well as implement boiler management based on predictive models of shower room loads.

We carry out monitoring and install the system at your facility at our own expense. By doing this, Independent Energy financially guarantees the energy savings announced when developing technical solutions. As a rule, optimisation using EcoManagement saves 20-25 % of your energy bill.

We are experts in developing measures to reduce energy consumption, therefore, if no saving is achieved, then we will not take payment.