How we install the EcoManagement AIR system

·    We install the EcoManagement AIR system for free at your facility, this includes planning, equipment, operation, monitoring, and setting up and training AI modules.

·   After that, we'll calculate the savings compared to your current consumption level and confirm the effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

·   Now you have access to a personal account where you can find out about the current state of your equipment, emergency situations, microclimate in areas served by EcoManagement, and energy consumption all online.

·   The system gathers data on outside temperature, humidity, lighting, and solar activity.

·   Based on online monitoring, we create an ideal consumption target model using neural networks. This model is constantly refined while receiving real-time data from the facility.

·   The system has an archive of data that allows incidents and occurrences to be investigated.

·   Using your personal account, you can eliminate a number of problems that occur without needing a specialist to come out.

·   And now for finances. Our payment is usually 50 % of the money saved at your facility. However, if it turns out the savings are not significant, we won't take any money.