ECO is Energy Consumption.

ECO MANAGEMENT is a solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which helps our customers save resources continuously. We do not vendor equipment, gauges or sensors.

We implement our turnkey solution which provides:

· Electricity cost reduction by 15-30%

· Substantial reduction of CO2 emission

· Online energy consumption monitoring

We help you to save energy and reduce your business’s impact on the environment based on your existing equipment without any additional expenses on your end.

ECO MANAGEMENT (Energy consumption management) is a comprehensive energy saving solution from Independent Energy for lighting, climate and electrical equipment control systems.

Hundreds of climate-influencing factors, lighting and basic processes help us to take a flexible approach to managing equipment. We perform thousands of imperceptible daily control actions, enabling savings on electricity up to 30 %.

We have specialised solutions for gyms and sporting facilities, restaurants and cafes, shops and shopping centres, and warehouses and industrial premises.

Our systems allows you not only to save energy, but also to instantly calculate the reduction in your carbon footprint. This information is key for companies planning their activities and reporting that care about their social responsibility and the environment.



We provide product without any costs for our customers


We change the world for the better


We maintain a long-term relationship with a value confirmation every month


Sustainable development concept

The sustainable development concept corresponds with the values of our company and our team, responsibility, innovation, and environmental friendliness. Independent Energy considers sustainable development as a method to ensure long term growth both for the company and its partners and clients. We want to be proud of what we do.

ECO MANAGEMENT solutions make an important contribution to the protection of the environment and preserving natural resources, and also enables our customers to increase their competitiveness.

ECO MANAGEMENT’s solution helps to achieve carbon neutrality. It doesn’t just help humanity and the environment, but it also gives sustainable economic advantages to our company and our clients.

We firmly believe that our clients play a pioneering role in the fight against climate change. Smart energy consumption management is provided at all ECO MANAGEMENT facilities in Russia, Turkey and the UAE. For us, this is a standard. We use technological achievements and innovative solutions to minimise the negative influence of our partners’ and clients’ activities.


Our main priority of people. Independent Energy promotes several programs for training and improving working conditions for employees.

Fair cooperation practices

Fair and responsible cooperation is based on principles such as professional ethics, honesty, transparency and social responsibility.

Independent Energy stands decisively against corruption and violations of the principles of fair competition and the law.

Observing legal and ethical rules is the basis of all decisions and activities of Independent Energy and is the main condition for doing business in accordance with the principles of fairness.

Our tasks also include ensuring the security of personal data.

Choosing and monitoring business partners

Independent Energy believes that it bears responsibility for the unfair actions of its business partners. We prevent risks occurring by applying an integrated approach when choosing partners, including both economic and ethical standards.

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